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Thursday, January 05, 2006

droid invasion part IX

When the annual Jedi Prom took place yesterday, something weird happened. All for sudden, a division of the droid army raided the Jedi Temple. None of the Jedi's had their lightsaber with them couse it's hard dancing with a saber attached to your belt. We all followed the orders of General Grievous and got an the ground with our hands on our backs when i suddenly found my lightsaber in my fur. My fur was useful afterall!

I told Obi that on my sign, he had to shake his beard. I gave him the sign, the droids were blinded by the cheeto dust that came out of his beard. I got up, sliced like 12 droids or something. Yoda had seen Obi's distraction too and made advantage of the situation and jumped to a group of droids and showed us that his kung fu lessons had paid off.

after slicing up some more droids, they retreated (again) and the Jedi temple was saved again, like every other year when the droids attack. So far another droid invasion stopped by my fur. 'Till next year Grievous!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what else you hiding in that fur ?

Hey maybe you could hide a bunch of yodas and attack the death star.
you know like the Trojan Wookie.

5:57 AM  
Blogger Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

A jedi prom. I bet that was awkward

10:13 PM  

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