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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

kenobi lost it (again)

Today when i got out of my bed and got into the kitchen, i saw kenobi sitting in a dirty corner covered in yellow dust. I asked what was wrong with him but he kept talking to himself about an 'invasion of the wampa's carrying burning ninja's on their backs' or something. I've seen kenobi like this before a lot of times, but this was a serious cheeto overdose!

Normally, he would stop being weird if i put the tv on and put him on the couch, but this time, even NASCAR didn't get him out of his corner. Then all for sudden he starts running around screaming. I take cover behind a huge pile of empty cheeto bags while he runs to his room. I barely got to chase him when Mace storms into the room...

"what the hell is going on here, curly?".

"Kenobi has lost it again."

"Where is he then?"

"The last time i've seen him, he ran into his room."

"Wait, i know what can make him stop."

"I already tried to put him in front of the tv and that didn't work!"

"What?! Then it MUST be serious, wait, i'll be right back."

Mace runs off and comes back with some really big book...

"What's that, you know kenobi can't read right?"

"Yeah I know, but i'm gonna read him some chapters of my book : you're pretty, I'm pretty!"

"Why would you do that?"

"I don't know, i just feel like it, and by the way, if i read him the chapter about hygene, he might wash himself once in a while."

"Good idea, his cheeto smell keeps me awake sometimes."

Windu starts reading in his book from outside of kenobi's room and stops 4 hours later...

"I think he's back to normal again, curly."

we opened the door of kenobi's room, and when the usual dustcloud disappears, we find kenobi asleep in his closet with headphones on his head with Kelly Clarkson music on.
"yep, that worked, windu"

Windu ran off saying something about appreciation for his books and head and everything was back to "normal" again. So far another average day at the temple.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next time just try whackin him over the head with the book!!

Probably work faster.

4:33 PM  

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