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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

the oprah show

I got a letter from "The oprah Winfrey show" last saturday. She invites me and my Jedi friends to her show to talk about our lives as Jedis. Mace Windu was very excited because Oprah is his secret idol. the rest of the Jedi's wanted to go to the show too, so a month later, we were at the Oprah show. Here's how it went:

Oprah: welcome everyone to the oprah show! our first guests are Curly, Yoda, Anakin, Obi-wan and Mace Windu!
audience cheers

Oprah: so, whats it like being a jedi for almost 900 years, Yoda?

Yoda: annoying, it is sometimes. Especially when 'some people' leave their undies on the bathroom floor, it is annoying.

Anakin: hey yo, i know that yo mean me, i told you before, it's obi's fault.

Obi: *raises head from bag of cheetos* huh? I heard my name, what's up? I didn't do it!!

Curly: oh no, not again!

Oprah stops the argue and asks her next question

Oprah: so Curly, is it true that you are related to Chewbacca?

Curly: well, actually we are related. he's my half brother, but we never spent much time, because he lives on Kashyyyk and all.

Yoda: Bored I am, Hungry too, I am. The nearest McDonalds, where is?

Mace: Yoda! stop interrupting mrs Winfrey!!! please continue, mrs Winfrey.

Oprah: okay then, Obi, I heard that ...

oprah gets lifted up by her panties by some unknown power

Mace: Yoda, for the last time, STOP THAT!!

Yoda: Sorry, i am. But bored i am and sleepy too.

oprah gets back in her chair and puts her panties back in her pants.

Obi: what? i heard my name again, stop bothering me!!

Oprah: what the hell was that?! this is outrageous!! Security, get them out of here!

security drags Jedi's from stage but get Force Pushed away by Yoda .

Yoda: Run we must!! Chasing us, oprah is!!

Anakin: Here yo, i hotwired this airspeeder! Get in man, fast!!

So we got banned from the Oprah show and we all have a restraining order. We got away with it pretty good, only, in all our hurry, we forgot Obi, but he'll get back here somehow, because his stash of cheetos is here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not the first time she ever got her shorts in a bunch.

Yoda wanted to see if the sith wore shorts

8:17 PM  

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